Philosophy and Goals

My main goals are to get you as fit and prepared as possible for your goal event while building a trusting and supportive relationship. This is accomplished by:

  • Creating a training plan that is individualized to you and specific to your goal event. The plan is not a copy and paste program, nor is it concrete. The long-range plan is built at the beginning of training and details the general outline and training blocks toward your goal event. The short-range plan is then built 1-5 weeks at a time and adjusted as needed based on your performance in workouts and life schedule. The training follows science-based methodologies.
  • Prepare you for all race day variables (terrain, elevation, weather, race day fueling, gear, logistics) by studying, discussing, and training for each unique demand.
  • Regular and honest communication via weekly phone calls, text, and email. Athlete buy-in and belief in the process are critical. You will be more invested in the training when you know the why behind each workout and training block. Your subjective feedback and the data from each run give me the complete picture necessary to best structure training.
  • Create the plan so that you make the most of your available time to train. It is critical to factor in your family, professional, and social demands so that you maintain a healthy balance between life, training, and racing.


I am a full-time coach with CTS. Contact me directly at and we will get the process started. Coaching plans and pricing are below.

Education and Experience

I graduated from Maryville College in 2012 with a B.A. in Physical Education/Health. Before becoming a full-time coach with CTS in 2021, I was a middle and high school teacher. I taught PE, Health, and Weight Training and was also the head coach for the cross-country program. I have been running ultras since 2014 and started coaching trail and ultrarunners in 2018.

Some races I’ve coached athletes for:

  • Cocodona 250 Mile
  • Moab 240 Mile
  • Tahoe 200 Mile
  • Marathon des Sables
  • Badwater 135 Mile
  • Hardrock 100 Mile
  • Leadville 100 Mile
  • Hellbender 100 Mile
  • IMTUF 100 Mile
  • Massanutten 100 Mile
  • Arkansas Traveler 100 Mile
  • No Business 100 Mile
  • Cloudsplitter 100 Mile
  • Canyons 100 Mile
  • CCC 100k
  • Black Canyon 100k
  • Quicksilver 100k
  • Miwok 100k
  • Golden Trail National and World Series
  • Cruel Jewel 50 Mile
  • StumpJump 50k
  • Fonta Flora 50k
  • Maah Daah Hey 50 Mile Mountain Bike
  • Vermont 50 Mile Mountain Bike

Some races/events I’ve participated in:

  • Bighorn 100 Mile
  • The Bear 100 Mile
  • Grindstone 100 Mile
  • Pinhoti 100 Mile
  • Hellgate 100k
  • San Juan Solstice 50 Mile
  • White River 50 Mile
  • Mountain Mist 50k
  • Upchuck 50k
  • Smokies Challenge Adventure Run
  • Pitchell

Plans and Pricing

  • I offer the Select and Premium plan.
    • Select includes:
      • A personalized training plan that is specific to you and your race
      • Up to 1 hour per month of phone/video calls
      • Up to 4 email/text communications per month with 24 hour responsiveness
      • 1x/week training plan adjustments
      • 1x/week workout and file analysis through TrainingPeaks
      • $215 month to month, $197 monthly for 12 month commitment
    • Premium includes:
      • A personalized training plan that is specific to you and your race
      • Up to 2 hours per month of phone/video calls
      • Unlimited text/email communication with 24 hour responsiveness
      • Unlimited training plan adjustments
      • 2x/week workout and file analysis through TrainingPeaks
      • 24 hour coach responsiveness
      • Personalized strength training plan as needed
      • $375 month to month, $335 monthly for 12 month commitment



“I am very happy with my decision to work with Ryne. He has created a training block for me that has me feeling fit, confident and–most important–injury free! Ryne has done a fantastic job communicating with me and explaining my training and then adjusting my training based on how I have handled the miles as well as my feedback and my schedule. I could not be happier with how things are going.”

“I really appreciate the weekly feedback and you taking your time to answer my many questions and reply to all of my comments. I looked forward to your replies and it kept me focused and motivated. You really know a lot about running, the human body, nutrition, hydration, and how it all ties together. Thank you for working my training around and for the goal races I had on my calendar. You did a great job of ramping me up and tapering me for some great races which I achieved PR’s in distance, elevation, and time! My fourth-place finish (age group) and twelfth place (overall) in the Natchez Trace Trail Marathon was really cool and not attainable without your coaching! I appreciate your care after the race and advice for recovery. It meant a lot that you asked how my body felt the days following the races and provided me with tips to recover the quickest!”

“After running my first 5k in March of 2018; I caught the running bug (that is so contagious) and decided that it would be a great idea to take the plunge and signup for a 50k in October of 2019. After speaking with Ryne about my goals (get faster, run farther, finish an ultra, etc) we decided to work together to turn my #1 goal of finishing an ultra into a reality. Ryne was able to keep me motivated during the dark days of training for an ultra. On top of creating a weekly training plan (tailored to my constantly changing schedule) he helped with my nutrition (that was non-existent), with all of my blister issues (he provided tips and tricks to deal with my princess feet), and most importantly how to stay motivated when its 99 degrees and 90% humidity and you’re scheduled for a 5 hour run. He also taught me many important things that I wasn’t expecting, like the importance of not getting distracted by data, not to worry about pace all of the time, and to remember why I run. My purpose of running the 50k was to run farther than I ever had and to finish with a smile. On October 12th I finished my first ultra and I ran across the finish line with a smile on my face. Ryne is a great running coach with a wealth of knowledge, he is a friend that cares about how your day is going (not just about your run that day), and he coaches to make sure you are completely prepared for your goals.”