Another runner claiming to be a coach? Yeah.

I’ve been coaching cross country at the middle and high school levels since 2013. Accolades include a Middle School Conference Championship, 6 runners selected to All-Conference Teams, and one high school runner winning Conference Runner of the Year. I also help coach Nashville Running Company’s RunWILD Trail Training group.

In the summer of 2018, I started coaching runners on an individual basis. I’ve coached runners with goal races ranging from the half-marathon to 100 mile distance.

My coaching philosophy is centered around consistency and communication. Running is a process and consistency matters most. I’m here to help find the balance within training and life that allows for steady volume week after week. Frequent communication via email, text, and phone calls gives me the necessary feedback to create and adjust the plan as needed.

I work with each runner to know the demands of their goal race, and then make sure that the training is specific to those demands (race day fueling, terrain, elevation, weather, etc.). I truly love the process of running, and my main goal is to help other runners find joy and fulfillment through training and racing!


  • $75 a month

The Process

  1. You complete a questionnaire so I get to know you and your goals.
  2. I create a long-range plan (example below). This overview provides a monthly breakdown of what areas we will target to get you ready for your race.
  3. I create the short-range plan (example below) at the beginning of each week after getting your feedback on how the previous week went via email, text, or phone call (whichever you prefer).
  4. You record how each run went in the spreadsheet.
  5. I check the training plan multiple times throughout the week to see how things are going. You can email, text, or call at any time with questions and concerns. I’m also here to readjust the plan if surprises come up and you aren’t able to run as planned.
  6. Race day arrives and you are prepared to crush your goals!

Email me at if you are interested or have any more questions.


“I really appreciate the weekly feedback and you taking your time to answer my many questions and reply to all of my comments. I looked forward to your replies and it kept me focused and motivated. You really know a lot about running, the human body, nutrition, hydration, and how it all ties together. Thank you for working my training around and for the goal races I had on my calendar. You did a great job of ramping me up and tapering me for some great races which I achieved PR’s in distance, elevation, and time! My fourth-place finish (age group) and twelfth place (overall) in the Natchez Trace Trail Marathon was really cool and not attainable without your coaching! I appreciate your care after the race and advice for recovery. It meant a lot that you asked how my body felt the days following the races and provided me with tips to recover the quickest!”

Plan Examples

Long-Range Plan:

Long Range Plan template snapshot

Short-Range Plan

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 3.47.23 PM